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I was becoming a sedentary senior until I found Be Fit. Now I’m as active as I was 20 years ago and have plenty of energy.

-Milvina N.

Jen has been my personal trainer for four and a half years and I have never felt stronger or healthier as I do now. The results I have achieved are mainly due to Jen, with her combination of diverse training methods and her commitment to a healthier lifestyle. She continues to make every workout challenging, creative and fun! She has changed my life and I will be her client forever! Be Fit also has added fitness classes and I have been attending the TRX class which is led by Gary. Always fun but tough, Gary keeps us moving and our heart rates up!

-Marcia D.

Gary’s ability to develop a workout plan that is at the same time challenging and never stale is amazing!! His ability to motivate me when the workout gets tough has allowed me to exceed all of my one-year goals. When I started in March 2015 my dead lift was at 225 lbs…after 12 months of training and coaching my new PR is 465 lbs. His attention to what works with my body and where I need to focus has allowed me to become stronger and more flexible. From his weekly TRX class to the individual training sessions, Gary always delivers a high quality workout that is customized to my needs and goals.

- Matt C.